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Our Story


The concept of Wolwehoek arose from our love for nature. We wanted to create a place where one can get as far away from the stress of the modern world as possible. After countless weekends away, always trying to find the perfect, most remote and secluded cabin to rent we decided that we could do better ourselves. And so, at the start of 2019 we started searching for a piece of land. We wanted a property with nothing on it, no developments, untouched by man, a property we could change into a nature reserve to protect one of the last pockets of nature not yet developed. After an extensive search we found Wolwehoek...

We were immediately drawn in by the breathtaking mountains, harsh yet beautiful environment and the fact that we found a place within 2.5 hours from Cape Town where it felt like you were days away from other people. The only trace of man being the single track road through the property.

The first Cabin, Leopards Kloof has been a labour of love and logistical challenge. Built mostly by ourselves with a lot of blood, sweat and tears being shed along the way to get it to where it is now. We hope that everyone who stays at Wolwehoek can find the same appreciation for the silence and beauty around them while relaxing and letting go of the stress our daily lives bring us, and if possible, be inspired to also do more to preserve what wilderness is left.  

Roux & Robin

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