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Activities & Extras


You have 412ha to explore! Grab your hiking boots and choose between the 4 mountain peaks on the reserve. A map is provided in the cabin to show you where the hiking routes are. ​Keep an eye out for ancient aquatic fossils which become exposed by erosion on the higher slopes of the mountains. 


The main road through the reserve can be used by mountain bikers to explore.

We have indicted possible routes on a map provided in the cottage.



Montagu is famous for its mountain climbing routes created by the unique rock formations formed by tectonic activity.

We do not have official routes, but rock climbers are welcome to bring their gear and set out a route of their own up or down the many cliffs. This is done at your own risk. 


Wolwehoek is home to an abundance of bird species.

Ranging from owls, Eagles, falcons and many more.

Bird watching books are provided in the cabin.

Please bring your own binoculars.

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